Teachers of festival

Devi Mamak (Australia)

Devi Mamak, a troupe member and artistic director of the award winning Ghawazi Caravan, based in the Blue Mountains since 2000, is widely considered as one of Australia's premier American Tribal Style® [ATS®] dancers, teachers and choreographers having trained many of the top dancers in the genre. She has also studied a variety of Middle Eastern dance styles herself for well over a decade as well as Flamenco, Classical Indian & Ballet. Devi is highly sought after teacher and performer and is regularly asked to teach around Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the U.S.A. Devi Mamak is not limited to teach only her new ATS®-steps. Her wide experience allows her to give instruction over the dance borders from beginners to advanced dancers. Her dance style is strong and passionate; dance full of emotion and shows her dance experience throughout her dance career.

She has travelled to San Francisco several times to study with the masters of ATS® and has dedicated herself to this dance form since 1999. Devi is the first person in Australia to be accepted into Carolena Nericcio's intensive Teacher Training Course. Devi has received her teaching accreditation in the highly regarded Fat Chance Belly Dance® (FCBD®) format, with several of Ghawazi Caravan movements being accepted into the FCBD® format. Devi has been invited to perform and co-teach the General Skills® test with Carolena Nericcio both in Australia and Taiwan.

Devi regularly performs at various functions ranging from community events, festivals, as well as private and corporate functions. In 2009 Devi & Ghawazi Caravan received funding from The Cultural Partnerships programme, The Fringe Festival and Blacktown Arts Centre to put on “Intertwine”, uniquely diverse show which drew together dancers, musicians and artists of varied disciplines and styles, braiding their talents together into a compelling and cohesive whole, intertwining cultural traditions and an ebullient creative spirit... and to present the result in a theater style environment. Intertwine has bee a huge success with all shows selling out.

Devi Mamak Devi Mamak Devi Mamak

Maria Fomina (Kiev, Ukraine)

  • the leading professional dancer, teacher of Tribal Bellydance and certified by Carolena Nericcio teacher of Americal Tribal Style® in Ukraine, choreographer and director of tribal studio Mina Fo Tribal Company (Kiev) (sister studio FCBD®)
  • teaches and performs internationaly (Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, France and America), often takes part festivals, concerts and trainig sessions
  • performed with Mardi Love and Manca Pavli
  • participant of Americal Tribal Fest in 2013, Sebastopol, California
  • the founder and organizer of Tribal Weekend (first annual international tribal festival in Ukraine) and Tribal Beauty (first competiton festival)
  • the organizer of Europian dance show «Bellydance Infusion Project» in Kiev
  • was twice awarded for developing tribal bellydance style in Ukraine in a close nomination on Scardonia Tribal Awards 2012 and 2013
  • Maria studied tribal fusion in workshops, intensive and individual lessons from Zoe Jakes (USA), Rachel Brice (USA), Suhaila & Jamila Salimpour (USA), Sharon Kihara (USA\GER), Kami Liddle (USA), Mardi Love (USA), Sherri Wheatley (USA), Samantha Emmanuel (USA\UK), Deb Rubin (USA), Sera Solstice (USA), Ariellah (USA), Frederique David (USA), Martina Crowe-Hewett (CA), Manca Pavli (SLO), Edenia (USA), Tjarda (Netherlands), Heather Stants (USA), Amy Sigil (Unmata & Verbatim) (USA), Olivia Kissel & Maria Hamer (Zafira Dance Company) (USA), Tribal Jam (Russia), Polina Shandarina, Niafa, irina Komarovskaya аИ Fire in the belly (USA).

    Maria studied ATS® from Carolena Nericcio and teachers of Fat Chance Bellydance® (intensive and individual lessons): Kae Montgomery(USA), Kristine Adams (USA), Anita Lalwani (USA), Stefanie Kelly (USA), and also from FCBD® sister studios (USA) as Devyani Dance Company and Megha Gavin, Tamarind Tribal and Jenifer Nolan (USA), Moirai Bellydance (UK), Siren Tribe and Milana (RU), Ujbaba and Svetlana Dvoretskaya (RU), Jah Surya (ATS® Intensive, Teacher Training, UA), Russian Tribal Mafia and Ekaterina Demina (RU), Laurie Martin (USA).

    Maria Fomina Maria Fomina Maria Fomina

    Ekaterina Konovalova/Divon (Moscow, Russia)

    Has had 9 years of of teaching experience.

    Ekaterina has been dancing bellydance since 2002. Studied from Tatyana Fedyaeva, Galina Shishkina, Nataliya Strelchenko, Nataliya Zyleva, Aida Hassan, Irina Popova.

    Has been dancing tribal bellydance for 5 years. She is a teacher of Russian Tribal Federation, a teacher in «Tribal House» studio (Moscow). Certified by American Tribal Style® FCBD®-format (first level).

    Member of Ujbaba group (ATS® and tribal fusion perfomances). Member of teaching team in teaching tribal session in 2010 and 2011.

    Permanent member of Russion Tribal Awards commission.

    Finalist of Russion Tribal Awards in nomination Professional contribution in Russia 2010. Prize-winner of Russion Tribal Awards in nomination Professional contribution in Russia 2011.

    Studied tribal fusion from Frederique David, Kami Liddle, Sharon Kihara, Irina Komarovskaya, Ariellah, Daniella Evseeva, Amy Sigil, Tjarda, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Jill Parker.

    Studies ATS® from Svetlana Dvoretskaya.

    Ekaterina Konovalova/Divon Ekaterina Konovalova/Divon Ekaterina Konovalova/Divon