Wokrshops from Devi Mamak


This workshop is exactly that! Come and be some of the first in the world to learn Devis new ATS® steps that have been accepted into the FCBD® format. These 9 steps & their variations are included in FCBD® DVD Vol 9. There will be plenty of time for drilling the steps as well as question & answer time/


INNOVATIVE FORMATIONS : Level - Beginners and Beyond. - 2 hours

Devi is well known for her exciting stage dynamics and formations. In this workshop Devi will present new formations for ATS® improvisation as well as staging ideas suitable for both improv and choreography, small and large groups. You will learn new ideas and techniques as well as some of Devi's inspiring formations. If time allows you will learn such formations as The Sea Anenomie, Solid Gold, The Radar and FCBD® favourite Duelling Duets. The material presented fits perfectly with ATS® and other styles of bellydance.



Devi will present a rehash of her steps accepted into the FCBD® format. This is material that you are already familiar with (something old), then she'll add some exciting and different ideas of what you can do with some of the steps (something new). She will introduce variations to add to other favorite ATS® steps (something borrowed), then fusing it all together for some exciting new combos to add to your repertoire! (something ATS®).



In this brand new workshop Devi will fuse her love of 70's funk & bellydance. This workshop has a focus on fun but you will still walk away with combinations such as "The James Brown Strut" & "Pass The Peas" that you can inject into your own performance.

Workshop from Maria Fomina

SILK & SPEAR - 1.5 hour

This workshop is really in Maria style. In this workshop there are sensuality, beautiful poses, work with hands, careful of movements, womanly manner of perfomance, playing with fast, sharp, isolated movements and accents, using a lot of space and working with audience. Try all of this with funny practices, dramatic combo and in creative decoration and feeling yourself in space.

Workshop from Ekaterina Konovalova/Divon

Life story in three minutes - 1.5 hour

Every dance has its own history. During this workshop we won't study a choreography, but will teach how to create choreography quickly. Have you ever created dance for several hours? It's possible and sometimes it's really necessary. At first, learn some theory about components of any dance, and next back it up with practice. Please, don't forget your pencils and notebook! Thank you.

Devi Mamak Maria Fomina Divon